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About La Glambox

Welcome to La Glambox! We first started off as La Glamour Style, founding the company in 2015 to offer women a variety of fun fashion accessories. The following year, we proudly opened a small boutique in Hearst, Ontario. Unfortunately, like many other businesses, two long years of a pandemic and uncertainty forced us to close the store. The good news? It gave us time to reinvent ourselves, rebrand … and reopen as La Glambox in November 2021.


At La Glambox, we put a lot of effort into choosing the perfect combination of products for each individual box! We make sure every box that goes out is personalized with items that will make the recipient feel appreciated, happy, surprised, and loved.


So what’s the secret to our success? It’s in our friendship—not to mention a shared passion for all things fashion!


Meet Lina


A mother of two adult boys, Lina is a dedicated businesswoman who loves to undertake new projects. As owner of the Pizza Place Bar & Grill in Hearst since 1996, she is hardworking, motivated and meticulous in everything she does. Outside of work, you can often find Lina in a yoga class, with a good book in her hands, or snowshoeing along a scenic trail. Attentive to her customers’ needs, she gives La Glambox a sense of sophistication—and romance!


Meet Amelie


Amelie worked for more than 25 years in the beauty industry as a hairdresser before starting her online business. Very active, highly spirited and abundant with energy, she is also a Zumba instructor. Dedicated to La Glambox and her customers, Amelie always has a positive attitude. She is as passionate about fashion as she is for entrepreneurship. A true globetrotter, she loves to discover new ideas and inspiration by her many travel destinations. Her daily goal is to share her love for life and to cherish time spent with loved ones.