What to wear this summer?

This summer, fashion is all about being trendy, diva-licious and comfortable!

Below, I’ve created three seasonal outfits for fashionistas, including some of my favourite accessories, to show you how to achieve different looks depending on your event and personal style.


Outfit #1: Elegant outdoor activities
This first summer outfit is perfect for an outdoor event—like a barbeque, a picnic or simply a walk in the park on a warm sunny day.

You’ll want to wear something light, so I found this nice one-piece summer jump suit that is super comfortable and elegant.

Then, I added these nice Gail sandals that are fashionable and sooo comfy...it’s like walking on memory foam! Some of my clients can’t believe the comfort these sandals give them at the price they cost—but I give you my word, you will be surprised.

I’ve also added a beautiful sun-protection hat, which always does the trick for elegance. To top it all off, I suggest some simple, light fashion jewelry, a long adjustable chain necklace, small but glamorous ear-jacket earrings and a fashion bracelet.

If your outdoor event lasts longer in the night, you might want to bring a light poncho or over-the-shoulder scarf keeping you warm while creating an extra-classy look.


Outfit #2: summer traveling
Here’s one way to create a fun, comfortable, versatile, easy-breezy style for summer travel.

Leggings and capri leggings can be fashionable, classy and sexy at the same time. I always tell my client that leggings are much nicer when paired with a tunic or long over-the-bum blouse (no matter your size, it’s definitely more classy to cover your butt when wearing leggings!).

With leggings, you can wear a nice pair of flats like these ballerina butterfly twist flat shoes, or fancy sandals or flip-flops.

If you’re like me and love heels—even when traveling—I say go for it! I usually wear a medium or low chunky heel like these Cali Shoes when I travel. Meanwhile, a dressy heel can definitely be worn with leggings—but again, it depends on what kind of top you wear with them.

When traveling during summer, I always wear fashion jewelry but I go for a subtle look so as not to be too bold. I suggest a small pair of earrings like these Jina Bar Earrings, and a simple fashion bracelet.


Outfit #3: summer glamour
So many special events happen during summertime (think weddings, anniversaries, graduations and family gatherings), and many call for a glamorous look.

If you want to go for the best diva glamour look, then I suggest the best of the best! Yes, I know it will cost a bit more—but quality does not come cheap.

If you want to impress, I always suggest finding the perfect dress first. Then, add on some luxurious accessories like these ones...

What better way to add glamour than with these gorgeous, shiny, high-quality Swarovski earrings and crystal necklace? Then, go for gold with these fabulous Klub Nico Moxie gold shoes: luxury shoes at an affordable price, with gold leather cut-out design and a 2-inch heel that is perfect for dancing queens! (Want a higher heel? This Carrano 4-inch should do the trick.)

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