What do you wear for an event when it’s not quite warm enough?

Spring can be challenging when you’re getting ready for an event, because you never know what the weather will bring.

After a long, cold winter, it is finally getting warmer—and everyone is so happy and looking forward to putting on brand new spring and summer outfits, peep toe booties and sandals, and summer hats.

Unfortunately, it’s still sometimes chilly out there!

Just recently, we had a wine and cheese event (I must say it was a thrill for us at La Glamour Style to see all these beautiful ladies wearing our luxury boutique shoes and accessories; I felt very proud!). The weather was a bit cold with some flurries—so it was a challenge for some ladies to figure out what to wear with their outfits.

Here are some ideas for spring events (or, I should say, not-so-good weather):


  • Wear nice pumps. Pumps a year-round go-to for any events. They’re available in different heel heights from 2” to 4”, as well as different colours and styles.chinese Laudry new_0019_Chinese Laundry new8
  • Try an open-toed bootie. This look can add a trendy touch to your outfit. Or consider going mid-calf with these gorgeous Jade Carrano boots.   Carrano beige boots_0002_Carrano shoes02
  • Protect your sandals (and your toes). If you really want to wear sandals but don’t want to walk outside wearing them, put your sandals in a bag. When you get to the event, change into them. This will keep your feet and toes warm. Klub Nico_products_0007_Klub-Nico-light-gray2
  • Stay away from pairing long flat boots with a nice dress! This will not do your outfit any favours—and will not make that dress stand out. Don’t get me wrong: I believe there is a place for everything and I love long boots—but not at special events and not with casual/chic dresses. B4232-13_P1

Want to spruce up your look now that warmer weather is on its way? La Glamour Style’s personal stylist service offers expert advice on looking fabulous: learn more here!


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