Wet weather? Step outside with these “bootie” beauties!

It’s fall! We can see the leaves changing colours, feel the cold air…and, of course, we will eventually see and feel the chilly rain coming down upon us.

This brings up a most-important question for fashion-conscious women: how can we venture out there in the rain and stay warm, without compromising our style?

Well ladies, listen up. The La Glamour Style team has found fantastic, beautiful footwear that will look great in dismally wet weather!Lemon Jelly09lemon_jelly_0034_Lemon Jelly01lemon_jelly_0019_Lemon Jelly9Lemon Jelly18Lemon Jelly22lemon_jelly_0033_Lemon Jelly2

Check out these gorgeous boots:https://www.laglamourstyle.com/product/lux-boots/

Have a look at our entire Lemon Jelly collection—including these amazingly stylish rubber boots.

For those of you who love to have an all-in-one boot (style and practicality), check out our fantastic Blondo collection. These are quality Canadian-made leather boots—and completely waterproof! A great alternative for women who don’t want to wear rubber boots.https://www.laglamourstyle.com/product/liberata-boots/

Add style and glamour to any of your boots, new or old: pair your footwear with these gorgeous (and warm) leggings. https://www.laglamourstyle.com/product/pointelle-knit-leg-warmer/

botte with Fanny                   lemon_jelly_0012_Lemon Jelly16

Stuck on deciding which boots or shoes are right for you and/or a specific outfit? La Glamour Style’s personal stylist service offers expert advice on looking fabulous. https://www.laglamourstyle.com/personal-stylist-service/.

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