Upcoming event? How to overcome “how-to-dress stress”

Attending a wedding in the near future?

Got a fancy anniversary dinner to attend?

Or perhaps an office holiday gala?

Events can certainly be fun—but when it comes to figuring out what to wear, getting an invitation can also be pretty darned stressful!

The best way to avoid “how to dress?” stress is to start planning early. As soon as you can, start thinking about and looking for your outfit. This will give you plenty of time, and save you the headache of last-minute shopping trips. And not only that: if you delay your decision, you will likely end up wearing something that is just “okay”—not fabulous, as you should be looking!

If you have no idea what to wear for your event, here are a few simple tips to guide your shopping excursion:

1. Ask someone to go shopping with you.

2. Start by choosing a dress that you feel amazing in, and that your shopping pal agrees looks beautiful on you.

3. Can’t find a dress you like? You can’t go wrong with a nice black dress (also known as the “little black dress,” or LBD).

4. Accessorize with a pair of gorgeous shoes!carrano_shoes78jpgv1437347855.jpegSandals_JJs_footwear_0015_Background_0012_Carrano Red1 Particularly if you have a black dress, you can pretty much wear any colour of footwear. Feel free to be bold in your choice.

5. Add jewelry Earrings Layer 1_0016_earringss5and a purse, clutch or handbag. Mitchi's_0022_Mitchis Bags05Ensure each piece coordinates well with your dress and shoes—creating that perfect combination to accentuate your overall look. And voila!

Black & Red

Now, go have fun!

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