The hard truth: not all trends are created equal

So many of us love to wear the latest looks! Unfortunately, a new and exciting trend does not necessarily look good on everybody.

I myself have been guilty of getting caught up in the latest fashion crazes and running to the store of the next “in” thing—only to bring that accessory or piece of clothing home, using it once, and never wearing it again because I didn’t feel great in it.

So here is a tip for all of you trend-setters (and wannabe trend-setters): before you invest your hard-earned money in the latest and greatest fashions, think.

How do you really feel in that tunic, skirt or jacket? Does that belt slim down your waist, or make it look bigger? Are you considering buying that hat because it truly looks amazing on you—or just because it’s what all the fashion magazines are raving about?

If your gut isn’t telling you “I love this and feel great in it!,” walk away. Take that money and invest it in clothing and accessories that you’re going to be excited to wear. That way, every time you put it on, you are bound to feel (not to mention look!) fantastic.

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