The season is changing—what to wear?

We all have the same dilemma when the temperature begins to drop.


For some in north America—and especially in Canada—the arrival of colder weather tends to coincide with the beginning of the school year, and becomes more and more apparent as we move through September and into October.


This is the time of the year that we ask ourselves in the morning: “What will I wear? It’s chilly outside now…what kind of shoes should I put on? What if it if it gets warmer during the day? What if it gets colder? How can I look good and be temperature-appropriate, without compromising trends and style?”

Never fear—I’m here to help you out!                            brake-up


Sandals are probably over by this time of year, but we can still wear them during really warm days—and I hope we will see at least a few more of those beautifully sunny, warm days before real fall temperatures arrive.


If you prefer a closed toe, keeping your feet cozy (but not too warm), here are a few other options:



  • These sleek Saleema red shoes, cute little red flats that add a touch of class to any look at this time of the year.






Versatile, trendy, fashionable and fun, the styles above can be worn with just about anything from jeans and skirts to capris, pants and leggings.


Personally, I like to keep my closed toe boots for colder days, like in late October and November. Mix it up—that way, you won’t get bored of wearing your boots (because we all know how long fall and winter can be).


Be ready for any weather. Every women should at least have a pair of: flats, open toe, rubber boots, evening shoes, ankle booties (for fall), and (at least!) one pair of winter boots—especially if you live in a country that is cold and gets lots of snow.


Have fun with your wardrobe, look good and feel amazing! That’s what fashion is all about!

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