Rock Me Fabulous—a smashing success!

Rock Me Fabulous—a smashing success!

What a night!

On October 22 2016,  a year ago, La Glamour Style hosted a night of fun, fashion, glitz and glamour in northern Ontario. For me and my business partner Lina, it was a dream come true: a chance to organize a runway fashion show with wonderful people.

Everything was perfect: perfect setting and ambience (at La Place Des Artes in Hearst), perfect music (by Mellowman), perfect decorations (thank you, Lise Grandmont). You could feel the energy in the room as soon as the doors opened!

As you can imagine, presenting a fashion show takes lots of planning, practice, time and energy. It took us four months to get ready! Luckily, we had the best models and help for hair, makeup and backstage prep. Without these people, we would never have been able to present this wonderful and exciting event.

Special thanks to:

• Sensation boutique, for providing wardrobe to match La Glamour Style accessories

• Our models were almost all working mothers (with full-time jobs) as well as a couple university students, all willing to walk the runway despite their busy schedules. Runway modeling is lots of fun, but at the same time can be hard and demanding. Each and every model brought their unique personality and style to the show, going out of their comfort zone to bring this fashion show to life. Many thanks to Nathalie Trudel, Annik Grondin, France Lepage, France Lapointe, Nancy Hince, Guylaine Chabot, Jessie Gaudreault, Raphaelle Proulx, Sylvie Hoff, Nicole Gagnon, Annie Lemay, Melissa Charron, Renee Gaudreault, Veronique Boulanger, Melanie Beaulieu, Diane Blier. Meanwhile, we can’t forget our two male models—Kevin Caouette and Dillon Chouinard—who added a nice touch to our “nasty lady” collection.

• Our makeup artists were absolutely superb: Pure Estetique, Elka Spa, Camific and Venus. We also were very fortunate to have the best creative stylists to do the women’s hair that day; to Elizabeth Brisson, Claudia Jolin, Anne Marie Rehaume and Katy Glazer, you girls rock!

This event had people working together that we would not have seen if it hadn’t taken place. It was wonderful to see all the teamwork happening backstage, as well as the help we received from local merchants.

Every woman deserves to feel amazing—and that is what we witnessed during Rock Me Fabulous. As I’ve said in previous blogs, fashion has a way of lighting up people and making them feel good and beautiful in many ways, no matter their age, size, height or skin colour.

As this was a fundraiser, La Glamour Style is also proud to say we raised and donated $6,000 to the Conseil des Art de Hearst summer camp for kids! This is a wonderful amount coming from Hearst: a small, 4,500-person French community in northern Ontario where good and fashionable people live.


Fashion really does do great things!


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