Red and gold: the winner of elegant style

Got a special event you are attending, but not sure what to wear or how to put your accessories together?

We at La Glamour Style have made things super easy for you with this “bundle”—all you need is the dress, and voila! It will be at your doorstep in less then a week.

Let me explain in a few words why I have chosen to put this style and colours together…


  • The colour red has numerous meanings: it’s the colour of energy, passion, love and action. It is said that in some Eastern culture , the colour red is considered as good luck, and some brides wear the colour red on their wedding day.


  • Meanwhile, the colour gold is the colour of success, achievement and triumph—associated with abundance and prosperity, luxury and quality, prestige and sophistication.

That’s why I was inspired to create a red and gold bundle for July.

I wanted to put together a confident and empowering look for all you deserving, wonderful women. You are sure to look great, and this will give you energy to have fun, celebrate, be happy and even dance the night away.

This month’s bundle includes: 

  1. Gorgeous strappy satin red-and-gold dress medium-heel shoes—made in Brazil from the best construction and materials
  2. A long gold necklace
  3. Gold-plated loop earrings
  4. An elegant gold-plated ring as a finishing touch

Pair this bundle with your favourite black, white or red dress, and you’re in for a confident, eye-catching, energetic look.

Look for these great inspired bundles every month! But keep in mind—if you like it, grab it right away because in some cases, we might just have one unique bundle available!

La Glamour Style’s personal stylist service offers expert advice to help you accessorize your summer outfit: learn more here!


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