Need some vitamin “sea”? Here’s your beach vacation fashion fix!


This time of year is perfect for leaving the cold weather behind, finding a beautiful beach, and enjoying the sun for a while.


I for one am always ready for a nice beach vacation—and not just for the escape, but for all the fun beach fashion. I love the high I get from putting pieces of clothing and shoes together!


Before you pack up your own suitcase and head for the sun, here is a little trick I just had to share with my fashion blog readers…


When you buy a pair of shoes, there is always this little white packet of rice in the box. These little packets are made to absorb humidity. Instead of throwing them in the trash, I always keep them for my luggage. They keep my clothes smelling wonderful, throughout the whole vacation!


Now for more fun fashion stuff! Check out these amazing accessories from La Glamour Style:


  • Every woman everywhere needs a pair of these foldable   shoes in her purse or carry-on luggage—especially when traveling. These are just super; I love them! When I travel and have spent a long day in heels (especially in airports), these comfy, practical and trendy flats definitely do the trick.


  • Speaking of carry-ons, here is a cool and fun-looking carry-on that doubles as a beach bag for fashionistas: the Lady Fa handbag. It’s large enough to bring all you need down to the beach: towel, sunglasses, sun hat, sun cream, shoes/flip flops, your iPhone and even your water bottle.


  • A folding sun hat that provides UPF protection is a MUST-HAVE! Fashionable and practical in every way, this type of hat should be in every woman’s suitcase or carry-on. It’s super important to safeguard yourself from skin cancer and heat stroke, and these types of hats can also protect your hair and scalp from burning.


Meanwhile, here are some beach fashion ideas I’ve put together for fashionista sun-seekers:


1. Black is back! I’ve been inspired by these beautiful black strappy Rose-3 sandals. They are absolutely perfect to wear at a resort with a nice little summer dress, capris or shorts. They even have just enough glitter to be worn with a dinner dress for women who may not be comfortable with high heels—and are a fashionable yet wise choice for light travelers who only like to take a couple pairs of shoes on vacation (which I am not!). As you may already know, gold accessories are also back in style—so I’ve added these gorgeous black-and-gold earrings, bracelet and necklace . And of course, this beach outfit would not be complete without a sun hat—like this foldable Tahiti fedora.


    2. Dark blue for sea-inspired fashion This summer’s colour trend is navy—so I have created this bundle idea for you. I love swimwear cover-ups, which can be worn on the beach, next to the pool, or simply thrown on to go eat a quick lunch. They are super practical! With this Breezy cover-up, I have added the famous Lori sandals, which truly speak for themselves. With their large rhinestones, these sandals can be worn for “everyday glamour” or even for a beach wedding! To keep the feel of the navy-and-white combination, I’ve added this beautiful fashion bracelet and a pair of crystal bar earrings . With this outfit, you will definitely shine in the sun!


      3. Casual “jean day” during cooler weather This style is perfect for a casual cooler night in the Caribbean, or on a warm day with a bit of a wind. Put on a pair of capri jean, a white t-shirt…and top it off with a light grey poncho. Ponchos can also be used as a blanket for traveling. Just to add a bit of colour to the outfit I have added a light multi-coloured scarf. Add a pair of stylish butterfly twist ballerina flat packable shoes ; complete with a memory foam insole, you could walk in these all day. And don’t forget to put on a sun hat! Even when the weather is not super-hot, the sun can do damage. Plus, a cute hat will not only protect you from harmful UV rays but add style to any outfit. To finish it off, a large fashion Circla bracelet and  Patricia silver loop earrings  always do the trick!


        Now, go have fun in the sun and enjoy what life brings you—cheers!

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