Kick your heels up this holiday season

Are you ready to celebrate the upcoming holidays in glamour and style?

I know I am—I cannot wait to get all dressed up and have fun this month!

Ladies, if you have an event coming up, you want to look amazing and stand out from the crowd, here is one simple tip…


HIGH HEELS!!!Klub Nico noir & gold1


Let’s face it: we all know the most important part—the finishing touch to any sexy beautiful outfit—is high heels.

Some of you may think “Oh, I can never wear high heels,” “I can’t walk in them,” or “They hurt my feet,” but I will tell you that I can work, shop and dance in my high heels!

So before you tell me you can’t wear heels, here are three ways that you can. 

  1. You don’t always have to go for a 4.5-inch heel. Go for a lower height, like 3” or even 2.5 inches. 
  2. Wear a good quality shoe. The cost is worth it, and they will last for muchas fiestas. 
  3. Want to transform your heels into dancing shoes? Add padding for comfort, heel liners to prevent blisters and keep your foot in the heel, and sole controls to prevent slipping on the floor.


And voilà! You are ready to look, walk, and dance like a queen!shoes1


Happy heeling!


Not sure how to do the “high heels” thing? La Glamour Style’s personal stylist service offers expert advice on looking fabulous (and feeling comfortable doing it!). Learn more here.

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