It’s official: we now ship to the U.S.!

We are excited and happy to announce that La Glamour Style now ships to the United States!


As a Canadian-based company, it is our pleasure to extend our offering of beautiful, high-end shoes, handbags, jewelry and accessories to trend-setting women south of the border. And of course, we will do so while also offering friendly, quick customer service that our Canadian clientele have already had an opportunity to enjoy.


If you’re in the U.S. and looking for some deals, consider the exchange rate—which at this time, is of great benefit to our American friends (not so much for us Canadians, but oh well!).


Let’s do a little calculation here, assuming a $1.40 exchange rate.


Say you purchase some gorgeous products from La Glamour Style at a price of CAD$245 (including a $45 shipping charge). If you live in the U.S., that will cost you significantly less: likely somewhere around USD$175 (note that duties are added to the amount, representing 13-18%)!


The point of this post? Now’s a fabulous time to be an American shopping in Canada! And you don’t even have to brave our frigid winters to get our products: we will deliver them in gorgeous packaging, right to your door step.


So what are you waiting for?


Check out our new arrivals of gorgeous shoes, handbags, hats and jewelry from the world’s most coveted designers—just click here!

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