Holiday gift idea: double-sided earrings are this year’s “in thing”

Every year there is this new “in thing” that people go crazy over.

You know what I mean: there is always this new toy that appears on every kid’s list. Not to mention, the latest iPhone or cool gadget is a must-have for adults!

In the fashion world, this year’s most beautiful and innovative must-have—and what is bound to be on every glamour girl’s list—is the double-sided earring.Matte Doube sided Earrings_0001_Matte double sided Ear.01

Double-sided earrings—also known as “front-back earrings” or “360 earrings”—provide a chic look from every angle. Making them double-y special? You can mix and match the fronts and backs as you please!New double sided Earrings_0004_Background_0002_New double sided Earrings_0001_New pearl Earrings3

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Something New and Exciting

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