High heels, high spirits

Do you remember the very first time you put on a pair of high heels?

I was about 10 years old.

I remember they were my aunt’s shoes, and they actually fit me! I was amazed at how I felt in them—how strong and powerful I suddenly believed I could be. I guess for me, that’s where my love for heels started!

No matter our age or where we come from, we all have that tenacious and dynamic woman inside of us. It’s just a matter of letting those characteristics shine!

Confidence is a state of mind but who are we kidding here? That surge we get when we wear our most valuable jewelry or put on our sexiest high heels…it’s almost intoxicating how much our confidence radiates when we know we look absolutely beautiful.

All women deserve that feeling—and we at La Glamour Style are here to help you achieve that, every single day.

So treat yourself to confidence: pamper yourself, put on your best outfits and accessories every day, don those high heels, and go out and show the world that you are a strong, confident woman…with style!

Looking for something that will catch everyone’s eye? Check out La Glamour Style’s latest collection of high-end heels and/or consult our personal stylist service for advice on the latest trends.


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