Guys: not the romantic type? 10 ways to share the love on Valentine’s Day (and every day!)

Guys: pay close attention (and ladies, feel free to share this with the special man/men in your life)! Look, I know that some men are not that great at being romantic when it comes to their wives and girlfriends. So, in the Valentine’s spirit of giving, here are 10 ways to show that wonderful woman that you truly love her (not just on February 14th, but every day):

1. Start her day off right. Make or bring her coffee, right to her bedside! Or, if you feel like doing a bit more work, whip up breakfast and do the dishes afterwards.
    2. Send flowers. Most women enjoy receiving them—so why not give it a try? Consider either bringing some home or sending them to her workplace (for all her co-workers to see).
      3. Use sticky notes. Write cute words and messages letting her know how you feel about her, and post them all through your house (not just in plain sight, but in places where she may find them by complete accident).
        4. Be attentive. It sounds simple, but it’s often difficult to be present in the moment when someone is speaking to you. Look at her, share back what she says, and try not to think about any other outside factors.
          5. Put on her favorite music. At home, in the car, when she’s in the shower etc. Music has an amazing effect on our emotions and can lift us when we’re down!
            6. Feed her the most delicious food ever. Take her out to a restaurant known for its cuisine, or cook up her favourite dish yourself.
              7. Tell her how important she is to you. It’s not hard to do. Simply start with “You are so important to me that…” and then finish the sentence.
                8. Prepare her a warm bath. So soothing! Add lots of bubble and put some rose petals around the tub.
                  9. Rent a “chick flick” movie and watch it together. Even if it kills you.
                    • Give her a massage. Add lit candles all over the room and play soft, relaxing music to set the mood.
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