Glamgirl Christmas gift favourites!

Glamgirl Christmas gift favourites!

This is not only the most beautiful time of the year—it’s also the craziest!


Why so crazy? Because we’re all looking for the best gift to show our loved ones just how much we appreciate them.


I for one am not so crazy about shopping with crowds and line-ups. Don’t get me wrong; I love people! Just not all at once, all stuffed-up in stores.


I have to work on being more patient, which I have always had a bit of trouble with; and because of that, I’m a BIG fan of online shopping.


So if you, like me, are looking to shop in the warmth and comfort of your own home, here are this year’s top fashion “glamgirl” must-haves.


Glamour box

If you’re looking for more than one item all wrapped up in one fancy white box, then check out our glamour box (our Christmas gift box just so happens to be a La Glamour Style bestseller!).


We offer a variety of glamour boxes (from standard, to premium, to luxury and platinum), each one filled with fashion accessories sure to please women of any age. And if you’re giving it as a gift, you can even customize it with a personalized note!


We take great pride of our glamour boxes, so rest assured it will be made with tender loving care.


For a sneak peek at what you may find in a glamour box, take a look here.


Other gift options

Our Lemon loungewear is so comfortable and made with such fine fabrics, your loved ones won’t want to take it off! This beautiful line is the latest trend and perfect for a relaxed look on a Sunday. (For me, staying inside, dressed in my Lemon loungewear with a large café latte in front of a blazing fire is my favorite way to spend a Sunday morning when the weather is too cold to go out in.)


Here’s a list of some great Lemon gift ideas:     


  • Large pink scarf with mitts
  • Super-soft bath robe
  • One-piece jumpsuit
  • Sexy v-neck sweater & leggings
  • Slippers to pamper your feet


    Another perfect gift for a “true Canadian” is a matching scarf and toque. Made to conquer the artic Canadian cold, a scarf is always a great accessory to have—and you never get too much of a good thing! Seriously, scarves make the perfect accessory for any outfit. Take a look at some different scarf options:

    Stocking stuffer mania


    I am a huge fan of Christmas stockings! And not only me: for some reason, I thought my 24-year-old daughter was getting too old for Christmas stockings, but it turns out this is the one thing she enjoys the most.


    Here are some ideas for the ultimate in glamorous stocking stuffers:


    • A pair of gloves. But not just any kind, the touch-screen ones of course!


    • Fashion Jewlery. Do you get tired of getting fashion jewelry? Of course not! And just to let you know, tassel earrings are one of the hottest new trends this year. (While you’re at it, add a nice fashion necklace or bracelet.)


    • A comfy pair of super-soft slippers.


    • Stemless corkcicle or a corcicle flute. These items are perfect for celebrating the New Year, or enjoying a mimosa on Christmas morning.



      If you need more help on getting that special woman in your life a great gift, give us a call or send us a text or email—it will be our pleasure to help you!

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