Give Glamour this Valentine's Day


Give glamour this Valentine’s Day!

Say hello to this very oh-so-special Valentine’s Day glamour box.

Inside it everything to treat your woman right! It really is the perfect gift to ensure she feels well-pampered and appreciated.

Here’s what inside this month’s glamour box



  • A Hello Mello "Carefree Threads" sleep shirt. This classic lightweight shirt makes for a relaxing, comfortable (and even sexy!) night.




  • Hello Mello sleep mask. Wake up refreshed every time! Simply put this mask on to sleep better while improving your skin and mental state. Comes with a matching drawstring pouch.



  • Nourishing serum sheet mask. This premium-soft, non-woven cloth mask is enriched with plant extracts to maximize hydration and create healthier-looking skin.


  • A gift certificate to Pure Esthetics spa. Choose from options including a moisturizing mini-facial, hand-pampering manicure, or a relaxing half-hour massage.


  • An all-natural hand cream. For keeping her hands hydrated all winter long.


  • A chalkboard just-for-her wine glass. This box wouldn’t be complete without a wine glass to help her unwind at the end of the day.


  • And last but not least…a little box of our favourite chocolates from Ma’s Kitchen!


Choose from tree different boxes. Click here for more information on the Glamour Box

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