Get your sexy on: the “perfect” high heels

Yes! Shoes can be the sexiest thing you can wear!

People love to look at and admire a confident woman walking around in high heels. However, if your heels are too high and you can’t walk properly in them, you should NOT be wearing them.

Too many times, I have seen women try to walk in shoes that are way too high for their comfort level. As you will probably agree, wobbling around in uncomfortable shoes is not sexy.

You are better to purchase a shoe that has a bit of a heel, but not so high that you are unable to “sashay” in them.

However, if you feel that absolute necessity to wear super-high heels, first try practice-walking with them, indoors at home. Get comfortable moving around in them on a variety of surfaces (hard floors as well as carpeting). Try your heels out with bare feet, and with stockings. Give yourself a bit of time before venturing outdoors.

It’s much easier to get your sexy on when you’re wobble-free!

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