Fun Facts, And Fashion DIY Tips And Tricks!

Fun facts, and fashion DIY tips and tricks!

At La Glamour Style, we love fashion! Even more, we love fashion tips and tricks that make our lives easier.

Here are just three of our favourites:

Make your shoes more comfortable                                                  
In the shoe world, we understand two things:

• Not all feet are made the same, and
• Not all shoes are comfortable!

One person can find a pair of shoes super comfortable, while another person may not be able to walk in the same pair—depending on the foot arch, and who it fits.

To make a shoe more comfortable, La Glamour Style sells Walter’s Comfort Cushions and Walter’s Gel Comfort Cushions.

We also provide a back-heel liner for shoes that may be slightly too big—saving you the discomfort of blisters!

Meanwhile, here is an ingenious trick I learned not long ago, for people who struggle with bunions: when you’re buying real leather or suede shoes, ask the store if they have a stretching machine. The machine can stretch your shoes in certain parts, making them fit perfectly and feeling more comfortable!

How not to lose your double-sided earrings                                     
Who wouldn’t want a pair of double-sided pearl earrings?

They’ve been one of the most popular fashion trends over the last couple of years—and most of them are interchangeable, making them fun for mixing and matching!

Unfortunately, after wearing double-sided earrings for some time, they become more and more loose on your earlobes—and as such, the chances of losing them increase.

So here’s a fun trick for keeping those earrings where they belong!

When you start to feel they are not as tight as they used to be, apply some clear sparkle nail polish on the stem of the earring. Let it dry for a bit. If it is still loose, apply another coat until it is solid.

Keep your suitcase smelling fresh

This humidity-absorbing trick is superb for people like me who travel south.

Every time I return from vacation, there’s a lot of humidity in my suitcase—and the smell of it gets imprinted in my clothes, beach bag and shoes.

If you don’t want to bring this scent home with you, here’s a really simple trick…throw in a few small packets of rice that usually come in shoe boxes!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, think of the last pair of shoes you bought. Did the box contain a tiny packet of little hard pieces? That’s rice. Normally, people throw them away; but in reality they are very helpful as a humidity absorber!

On my last vacation, I put four packets in my suitcase full of clothes and shoes. When I got back home and opened my bag, that terrible smell of humidity was not there at all.


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