Feeling sexy!

I thought since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I could do a little “sexy” blog.

I simply love Valentine’s Day; I am, of course, the romantic type!


Love is all around

Some people tell me they don’t do Valentine’s Day—no gifts, no romance, that romance is “lame.” If you’re that type, remember that you can be romantic at other times; it doesn’t have to be on that particular day. After all, it’s a good idea to be romantic and have moments alone with your partner more than once a year. 

Doesn’t everybody deserve and need a little romance and passion in their relationship? That feeling of having your man or woman look at you, finding you sexy and attractive…like they only have eyes for you? 

I think that if you even just do a little something special, different and sexy for the man or woman in your life, it will spark a something in your relationship. 

Now, I am not a relationship specialist. Believe me, I have had my ups and downs: being married for 18 years, raising kids, then teenagers, working, stressing and managing everything that life throws at me. However, I do know that having a little sexy romantic evening—just the two of you, even if you think it’s lame—will help put a little passion and spice into your love life. It’s all about making that special person feel loved and appreciated.


Here a story about spicing it up for a hot Valentine’s Day…

I had a client one day walk into the La Glamour Style store. She was looking for super-high heeled shoes (she didn’t strike me as the type of woman who would wear high heels, but people are very surprising!). 

So, of course, I asked her if it was for an evening out, and which outfit she would wear the shoes with; I was going to suggest a colour or style that would complement her outfit. 

She then responded, “Oh no, don’t worry about making sure it works well with my outfit—it’s just for a night of passion with my man. I won’t be wearing anything with these shoes.” Now this is what I call doing something to spice it up! Talk about feeling sexy! 

Of course, this is just one of many “fashion” ideas a woman can do to put a little sexiness in a relationship. 

Here are some other fashion sexy Valentine’s Day items and ideas—including some of my favourite shoes, jewelry and accessories:


1. Red hot shoes

Nothing is more appealing than high-heel scarlet red shoes with a long stiletto pointy gold heel—like these Carrano Mayra shoes with crystals! I am in love with these shoes. They are a perfect match for any black dress, will definitely stand out…and have his eyes on you the whole time.


2. Steamy back from the past

This year’s trendy chokers are a brilliant piece of fashionable sexy jewelry. There are many styles and colours to choose from. My favourites include this Kyani Choker with black velour and oval rhinestones, perfect for an elegant evening or special event; and the Lana Choker set, a multi-leather layered brown choker and matching bracelet, perfect for adding sexiness to a casual outfit, halter top, jeans, or casual dresses.


3. Shiny and attractive

Can’t take your eyes off these sophisticated dangling Cindy crystal earrings or fashion-trendy Trina crystal earrings? Add these beauties to your gown or dressy outfit—they pair perfectly with the Kyani black-and-rhinestone choker!


4. Bootie call

Over-the-knee boots like these Kiara black boots are perfect for a sexy, fashionable evening; they can be worn with a dress, or even jeans or leggings.

 Meanwhile, the Robin over-the-knee brown suede flat boots are not just gorgeous but proof that you don’t have to wear heels to be sexy!

Last but not least, my favorite boots (that have LOVE written all over them) are these over-the-knee Carrano leather Adrianna boots. I fell in love with them the first time I saw them. You don’t have to add this boot to anything in order to accentuate them—but if you really want to, you could wear them with nice fancy leather leggings, or slim jeans with a black bodysuit.


5. Platform love

These platform boots are perfect to paint the town with fashion, colour…and glitter! The Eva boots are available in blue, red and black with a bit of gold. Then there are these Valery boots, which are just superb! They also go great with anything—from jeans to a fancy dress. The platform is a great way to wear a super-high heel without being too uncomfortable, and it gives you that extra inch of height, or longer sexy legs.


Need help accessorizing, or finding a little glamour for someone special in your life? La Glamour Style can help!

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