Fashion-ready for holiday events

Fashion-ready for holiday events

Let’s get you ready for the holidays!

But here’s the famous question: what should you wear to all your holiday events?

Shoes or boots?

Nylons…or no nylons?

Sleeveless, strapless, or long sleeves?

Long earrings? Shiny accessories?

The holidays can bring out so many questions in women…so here is my advice to you ladies.

Don’t stress
First off, don’t stress too much about your decision!

Wear what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Rule of thumb: if you don’t feel comfortable wearing something, it will definitely show. But when you do feel that comfort, it comes through in your attitude—when you hold your head high, you appear confident, beautiful, and ready for good things to come your way!

Do your own thing
Each woman has her own style.

Don’t be afraid to be you. Whether you’re going for a style that is different, elegant, simple, or over-the-top, let yourself shine. That’s what makes us unique and special!

A few ideas
Here are some Christmas/holiday-event styles I’ve put together to give you some ideas…

You can even find some of the items in the December Glamour Box  

Have a look at our December Glamour Box on you tube

The first one is a simple yet elegant look that can be worn for an event, for work, or even a night out on the town. Let it glitter!

Legging are a simple, fast and affordable way of getting the “style job” done! I have to admit, I wasn’t a fan of leggings until a couple of years ago. But now that I have tried them, I am of course hooked on leggings.

Here is this picture I have put together not just any kind of legging but faux leather leggings—adding a certain “mysterious” look to the style. La Glamour Style offers several faux leather styles to choose from. You can dress your leggings up or down, depending on the event and what you match it with. I have added a blouse with a touch of lace, a sexy choker with a little bit of shine, some shiny earrings and—to finish this look off—these Carrano Berberlla glitter pumps.

Meanwhile, here is a fancier outfit for more glamorous events.

If you live on the west coast or down south where there isn’t any snow, I envy you! You probably don’t have the same dilemma Canadian women face in the long winters: what snows to wear?

If it’s a more glamorous or formal event, I suggest a nice fancy pump heel. If you intend to wear open-toe shoes (even if it’s freezing outside!), do not wear nylons—or, if you can find one with no toe line seam, that is okay. That said, if you are planning on wearing nylons with your dress, I suggest a closed-toe pump heel.

Regarding nylons, there are so many elegant, sexy and stylish nylons that can add a touch to the outfit. " Have a look at our selection.

As you may already know, I am a big fan of the black dress! I know—it sounds pretty boring…but this is a fast and easy way of getting dressed, and a black dress is so easy to match. Add any colour shoes and accessories, and your style is done! 

In this picture, I’ve added a touch of red. The most beautiful shoes—these  Carrano Mayra high heels—will be an eye catcher. I have also included some dazzling Swarovski jewelry. Want to add even more red to this outfit? Add a red purse!

I wish you a dazzling and glamorous holiday full of fun events!

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