Fashion priorities: tips on shoes and accessories

How many of you have ever spent a fortune on a dress—whether for a gala, a wedding, or any other fancy event? (I am guilty of this myself!)


I have seen girls spend tons of money on that perfect prom dress—but then they try to save a few dollars by buying cheap shoes and accessories to go along with it.


That dress will probably be worn only once—maybe twice, if they’re lucky. But the accessories and shoes can be worn lots of times and will last a long time if they are of good quality and well-taken care of.


My advice to you today is this: don’t turn your back on gorgeous shoes and perfect jewelry because you feel they are too expensive. Those little touches are what make an outfit pop—and make people say “Wow!”


Here is a little shoe story that my friend and colleague Lina told me…Sandals_JJs_footwear_0015_Background_0009_Carrano Red4


In addition to being co-owner of La Glamour Style, Lina is also co-owner of a successful restaurant in our hometown. A couple of years ago, Lina organized a New Years Eve event at her restaurant. It was full of beautiful, well dressed men and women, with everyone wearing their absolute best outfits (and there was glitter everywhere!).


Lina, looking stylish as always, had a beautiful outfit and high heels but she had to change her shoes for all that running around. One of her friends came up to her and told her “You look great! But your shoes…”—and that comment came from a man.


In the following weeks, people were talking about the event, how much they enjoyed themselves, and how amazing everyone looked. Surprisingly, most of the comments about shoes were made by men! So ladies, if you think that men don’t care about shoes or that shoes are not that important, well you are wrong!


Even on Facebook, after watching the most recent Victoria’s Secret fashion show, comments included things like “Nice pairs of high heels!,” and “WOW—gorgeous shoes!” I think that says it all!!


If your man gives you attitude because you spend “too much money” on a pair of high heels, I can almost assure you that when you put them on with the perfect outfit, he will be glad you did.


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