Fall fashion: what to wear?

I love the fall! For me, I find it so easy to dress for this season.


However, I often hear people saying they have no idea what to wear: all the time, especially during fall.


I understand the dilemma people have. The transition from summer to fall fashion isn’t always easy because the weather in North America can switch pretty quickly—and you can even find yourself switching seasons within hours.


Never fear: I’ve got some advice to help you dress fabulously and fashionably this fall.


We are very lucky for this year’s fall weather; usually, it’s a lot colder! But lately, it’s been great: and warm weather makes switching a little less painful for some people. I have been mixing pieces from both summer and fall seasons. For example, I pair a summer dress with a jean jacket or trench, add a scarf, and wear ankle booties or long boots (but not winter boots…yet!).


Fall is the time to be creative: I just love, love, love it! So get those fall boots out of the closet and pair them with jeans, leggings, or a dress.


Layers are a great way to go this time of the year because it can be brisk in the morning and at night, and can get very warm during the afternoon. Put a poncho over almost anything; it’s a great transition piece to help you handle the change-up in temperatures. If the weather warms up, you can ditch the thing and there you go!


You can also wear nice scarves that will add a touch of colour and style. Spice up your look with a fall hat to give it that extra sense of style—and don’t forget to put in your own little touch with accessories, handbags and jewelry. Wear what makes you feel fantastic! That is what makes you different and special: when you apply your own “twist.”


Not sure what colours to wear this season? Get inspired by looking around you: beautiful fall colours such as orange, red, green, brown, violent, burnt yellow and beige are everywhere.


Check out the examples I’ve put together for you—hopefully these will help inspire you to create your own stylish outfit for your everyday needs!

1st image

Pair a printed brown-and-beige-and-black dress with a black poncho, long brown waterproof Blondo boots, a leather brown belt with brass...and finish it off with brassy dangling earrings. img_6039-copy


2nd image

A “50 shades of grey” palette is always nice for a fun casual day or night! Try a casual light-grey dress, add a charcoal poncho, silver heart earrings, a fashionably large leather bracelet, a cool pair of these Break Up Booties with an open toe—and top it off with a fall fedora hat.grey-outfit


3rd image

For a nice sunny day with little wind, wear a jean dress paired with a nice autumn-coloured scarf to keep you warm. Add a touch of glamour with long over the knee-high brown boots, fashion bracelets and a long necklace.


4th image

Leggings are a quick fix for fall with a long dress shirt! Add a beautiful cashmink scarf, luxury Carrano Jade high heel boots, and jewelry to complement the whole outfit. Walk around with confidence and your head held high in this awesome outfit.img_6039


5th image

For a casual day off, wear jeans, add a snake-print handbag, comfy Blondo boots, and simple yet elegant jewelry. Finish your look with a knitted poncho to keep you warm while walking.poncho-ofjpg-copy

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