Dress for success: why you should always look the part

“I’m gonna get dressed for success…shaping me up for the big time, baby.”—Dressed for Success, Roxette


Recognize those lyrics? They’re from a 1980s song I used to listen to when I was younger. And they are so true—it is important to dress for the occasion!


Whether you are going to a big meeting, going out on a hot date, or networking with important people for the first time, it’s smart to always “look sharp” (which, by the way, is another line from that Roxette song).

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First impressions are incredibly important. After all, what if you entered a salon and the stylist had terrible hair? Would you be interested in having your hair done by that person? Or what about a sloppy-looking doctor—would you have confidence in them to look after your personal wellbeing?


I could go on and on with examples but the thing is that you need to dress well in order for people to take you seriously.


If you say you’re a business person, first you need to work hard, but you also need to dress for success and look the part! For example, have a look at some of the most successful businessmen and women: they all dress nicely and they all have great shoes (shoes say a lot).


As co-founder of La Glamour Style, I ensure that every time I get ready for an event, I look the part. My hair, make-up, dress, and jewelry are perfect! And when I put on that last piece of my outfit—the shoes—and have a look in the mirror, I know I’m ready for a great night. And as you know, when you know you look great, your confidence will shine through and you’ll be ready for anything. That’s got to be the best feeling ever!


Need help creating a sophisticated, more chic look? Consult La Glamour Style’s personal stylist service for suggestions on how to best wear the latest trends in high fashion.

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