Why you should choose a Glamour Box over any other gift box

Why you should choose a Glamour Box over any other gift box

There are a LOT of subscription boxes out there: so many to choose from, for every style and personality.

So what makes the Glamour Box the very best out there?

There are SOO many reasons—I just don’t know where to start!

First, what IS the Glamour Box?
The Glamour Box is a beautiful white box filled with quality women’s fashion products, all chosen by our very own stylist. It’s the perfect gift for any lady (or teen) who is in search of the latest fashion fix!

The products in the box change every month depending on the trend, the season and on the newest finds.

What might you find in the Glamour Box?
Quality fashion accessories!

Jewelry. Scarves. Gloves. Socks. Hats. Bath robes. Slippers.

And that’s not all: often, we include other things like body products, aroma spray, coffee mugs or gourmet treats.

As mentioned above, the list of products changes every month. Plus, we personalize it for you, depending on your selections!

We also offer some “specialty” one-time boxes for:


Teens & Tweens


We choose all items with care!
We immaculately prepare each and every box so it’s personalized for the recipient.

We take every little detail into consideration: age, size, skin tone, color preference, etc. When choosing a Glamour Box, there is a comment box that allows you to enter the information of the recipient—the more details, the better for our ability to personalize it!.

Especially important for us to know? The recipient’s AGE. Why? It plays a big part in us choosing the right product. We’ve done Glamour Boxes for young girls of 12 right up to older women in their late 70s.

Size is not really a factor when it comes to fashion accessories. However, it’s a good thing for us to know when choosing products like gloves, shoes, sandals, hat, belt, nylons and bath robes.

Please note: we will do exchanges on shoes or sandals if the Glamour Box has a pair in the featured month’s bundle.

We are very passionate about this box and welcome any additional information or comments that can help us prepare just the right box for you or your loved one!

All about quality
Like I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, La Glamour Style is all about finding interesting, trendy and fashionable products that are also of high quality.

All Glamour Boxes are created as if we were buying the products for ourselves!

How do I buy a Glamour box?
We have three box sizes to choose from: Standard, Platinum and Premium.

You can buy a subscription on "https://www.cratejoy.com/search/la%20glamour%20style" Cratejoy.com (just click here) from two to 12 months.

Or, you can make a one-time purchase—the choice is yours!

Get a look at our featured monthly  Glamour Box offerings on our YouTube channel here.

Got questions about the Glamour Box? Contact us anytime at mail to: info@laglamourstyle.com

Share with us—win a prize!
We would love to hear from our “glam girls club”—anyone who has received a Glamour Box.

Send us an email or post a picture or video of you and your Glamour Box on social media or simply tag us in any of the social media—and your name will be automatically be entered in a random draw.

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