Celebrating you—with style!

Good day to all you Glam-Girls (and boys!).

My name is Amelie—and as a personal stylist for La Glamour Style, I am happy and proud to be blogging on this site about fashion and trends.

My main focus will be on helping you find your true style and offering tips on how to find those “wow” accessories—and to help you look and feel like a million bucks!

Of course, people don’t always feel so confident about themselves. Many of my clients are SO critical of themselves. Instead, why not concentrate on what you like about yourself, and what you are good at?

Here is a little trick that a teacher once gave me: every single day, look in the mirror, and say one good thing about yourself. It feels funny at first, but it really works in building up your self-confidence.

Meanwhile, we all have the ability to look like a million bucks—no matter our age, height, weight, hair color, feet size, skin tone, breast size, butt size, nose size etc. Believe me, everybody has great features. What people need to learn is how to accentuate those great features.

That’s what La Glamour style is about: helping you figure out how to accentuate and celebrate all that is beautiful about you.

I’m excited to take you on this journey of self-discovery. Stay tuned to this blog for more tips and insights!


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