Beat the winter cold in comfort, warmth…and style, of course!

It’s so frustrating to get dressed up to brave Siberian-like temperatures to take a nice long walk (my new year’s resolution was to get more exercise)…and then have your toes, face and hands freeze up! Story of my life!


I was born and raised in Northern Ontario. I have survived many hard winter days of minus-40 Celsius…and sometimes I wonder how I’m still here!


However, the winter scenery is incredibly beautiful—and all the fun we have snow shoeing, skiing, sledding, skating and snowmobiling makes the frigid cold worth it.


Of course, to actually enjoy the gorgeous winter and the many winter activities it brings, it’s important to stay protected from the cold and wind. That’s why it’s SUPER important to wear the proper clothing, winter boots, hats, scarves and mittens.


Years ago, when you wanted to have a good, winter, waterproof boot, the only options were big bulky moonboots or snowmobile-type Sorel boots. There were no stylish, glamorous, warm winter boots. But—thank goodness!—things have changed. We now can have stylish boots that are super-warm, comfortable, high-quality and waterproof.


Need more of a reason to get these boots? I am the most “frileuse” Canadian woman that I can think of!! Even when I go to Mexico, with the warm Pacific winds, I get cold…and when locals find out where I come from, they look at me like I’m an alien.


So believe me when I say that these boots are warm—because I have tried them and they passed my test!


1. The “chic and glamorous” look

    Right now, these Pajar Carry winter boots are my #1 favorite.


    I have these boots and I love them! I love the style, the design, how they fit, how warm they keep my feet, and the quality of the product. They are made from only the best material: leather, shearling lined and a with a -40 comfort rate. Plus, they come with a convenient elastic band at the back, to perfectly wrap itself around your leg!


    Finally, a boot you can wear with any fancy winter jacket! If you’re going to a nice restaurant and it’s freezing cold outside, you no longer have to compromise style for warmth and comfort—with these boots, you can have it all.


    For this style, I have added these long detailed Gala leather gloves; made in Italy, they are simply elegant! And to top off this chic winter outfit, I have matched a Carmen DeLux winter hat.


    2. The “walk in the snow park” look

    The Blondo Sasha winter boot is another great winter style for any outings, even for a little snowshoeing walk.


    These boots have fleece lining, are weatherproof and rated -31. Meanwhile, they are light and warm—perfect for walking in cold temperature! I’ve paired these boots with a Mina scarf and matching Mina winter hat set—both beautifully knitted with rabbit fur.


    3. The “let’s go out and play!” look (also our January bundle!)

      The Pajar Paityn winter boot is made for durability: it’s waterproof, comfortable and beats the cold.


      I have added the ivory Rachelle Pilot hat, which is super-soft inside and will definitely keep your ears from freezing; plus this trendy, furry Firenza scarf.


      Play outside, have fun and forget everything else—this is what this style is all about. This is also our January bundle, which means it is now available at a super cool (but very warm) price!


      So even if you hate this time of year, I have good news for you: with the proper winter protection that makes you look amazing, you can actually fall in love with winter (promise!).

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