Be good to your boots!

I know, I know! Today’s blog is not technically about fashion. But it is super important, especially if you invest in good quality shoes and boots.

Your boots and shoes are part of you; like you, they are involved in many memories and stories.

Here’s a little story that happened to me not long ago…

I was so proud of my first pair of Carrano (one of the brands we carry!) Orange nubuck booties with gold straps. I wanted go around and show them off to all the folks in my town, but first I had to clean my car so it would shine like the gold on my booties! So, I went to the nearest car wash and washed my car before going to the grocery store (where I would show off my amazing footwear). But when I stepped in my car after washing it, I realized I had black grease on one of my booties! Can you imagine my horror? I did not take the time to properly protect my booties!

After this incident, I promised myself to always protect all my Nubuck, suede & leather shoes and boots.

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Likewise, if you want to keep your soles alive, you need to know how to keep them in shape.

So today, here are some tips that will help protect your shoes against things like wet weather, calcium and dirt; and help you learn how to properly clean your footwear to keep them looking like new.



Do you have the time to clean and buff your leather shoes? I know I don’t! Here’s a fantastic, super-fast way to do it:


  • Clean your leather shoes (or handbags) with Walter’s Leather Cleaner, which cleans and conditions leather. This all-purpose leather cleaner is a premium choice among shoe aficionados. It can do just about anything, starting from removing dirt and old polish build-up to nourishing leather, preventing cracks and ensuring a top-notch shine.


  • Let your leather dry naturally away from direct sunlight and direct heat sources that can dry out the leather.


  • Then, add Walter’s Water Resistant Lotion to condition, moisturize and protect. This product will also waterproof neatly and easily, and restore leather damaged by rain, snow and salt! It’s that easy!


Nubuck and suede


Here’s an interesting fact about suede and Nubuck: most people confuse suede with the more expensive nubuck leather.

The confusion is reasonable, since both types are sanded to produce a velvety soft feel that is not associated with other leather types. The difference between the two is that suede is sanded on the inner layer of animal skin, while nubuck is sanded on exterior skin.

Both are excellent choices for shoes but are sometimes under-appreciated for their performance qualities. Since nubuck is made of the tougher side of the hide, it needs a particular type of brush for cleaning. Likewise, suede shoes have to be cleaned with a soft bristled brush to avoid damage to its smooth nap.

Suede and nubuck footwear is a bit more complicated to take care of than leather—but certainly worth it in the long run! Here are a few tips:


  • If you get mud on your suede or nubuck shoes or boots, scrape it off as soon as possible with a blunt knife. Then, wash off the rest with water, using a cloth or brush.


  • Allow your shoes to dry naturally, without direct light or heaters. Brush out any remaining dust with a suede brush.


  • Because they are unprotected, it is best to avoid going in the rain in suede or nubuck. However, to prevent damage from such an unexpected event like a sudden downpour, it is crucial to weather-guard them! Even if you don’t plan on going out in the rain wearing them, believe me, it’s to your advantage to protect them before something happens.


Looking for that perfect leather, suede or nubuck boot or shoe? Glamour Style’s


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