Your August bundle: look fun and young with this trendy summer outfit!

I just came back from a fun and memorable weekend with my friends, having seen one of my all-time favorite bands: Def Leppard! It reminded me of my younger days. What a blast!

The weekend inspired me with this month’s “bundle”—and I hope you will have as much fun as I did with this outfit.

In this bundle, I have added:

Fun Santa Fe Fringe Sandals, grey-ish in colour, with a suede finish. The shoes have a young trendy style that works well with any wardrobe like jeans, skirts or capris, black pants or even a dress.

• A small, easy-to-carry satchel yellow handbag by Anne Klein.

• This fun Judy fedora hat, which is beige with a yellow rope band. The hat is not only super trendy, but also very practical in protecting you from the sun during warm summer days.

This style can be worn to any of this season’s events including concerts, pubs, festivals, a girls’ night out, a simple dinner with loved ones, and BBQ outings.

It’s an effortless trendy look! I hope you will love this outfit as much as I did!

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