6 tips to help you choose your shoes wisely

When shopping for shoes, what is your primary goal?


Style? Comfort? Colour? How about heel height or price?


Whatever your objective, you should never underestimate the importance of quality. Here’s why:


  • If you’re going to be on your feet all day, you need to be able to get through it pain-free.


  • You want your shoes to keep their form and last for some time—well beyond just one season (or worse yet, just one month!).


Here are 6 tips to help you when looking for good quality shoes:


1. Consider the activity. Pick the right shoes for the occasion. After all, you would not wear dressy high-heeled shoes to go jogging; nor espadrilles for a suit-and-tie event.

2. Think fit. Make sure that the shoe size is perfect. If your shoes are too large, this can lead to problems like corns, blisters and foot pain. Meanwhile, if they are too small, this will cramp your toes—and even lead to disfiguration over time!

3. Consider a cushion. If you must absolutely buy a pair of shoes that is slightly too big, try a back-heel cushion (like a gel cushion) on the inside. This will seal the “gap” between your foot and the shoe, making for a more comfortable fit.

4. Stretch! Many women have problems finding good quality shoes because of bunions. However, I recently discovered that shoe repair experts can actually stretch your shoes’ material using a special machine—giving your feet the space they need, at the right place. That is so ingenious!

5. Allow some breathing space. People are attracted to the cheaper prices of plastic shoes, but plastic is that these shoes will only harm your feet. Your feet need to breathe—and if they can’t, they will become sweaty, wet and even smelly. This can lead to bacteria and foot diseases like fungus.

6. Go for leather. Good leather shoes are a great option for comfort, breathability, and keeping your feet dry and cozy. Here are some of the best materials for quality, breathable shoes:


  • Smooth leather: textured surface with small pores, matte or shiny
  • Patent leather: smooth and high-gloss surface
  • Nubuck: leather sanded on the hair side
  • Suede: leather sanded on the flesh side, less durable than Nubuck leather
  • Sole leather: cow leather for making shoe soles
  • Coated leather: leather usually coated with polyurethane


Treat your feet

Not often enough do we take care of our feet; in fact, a lot of us don’t think our feet are that important. But they are. Foot health is just as important as our total body-and-mind health.


Without good foot health, we can’t do the things we enjoy like walking, dancing, shopping, visiting friends and family, travelling, and playing with our kids.


By investing in a pair of good quality shoes, you will safeguard your feet and ensure a brighter future for them!

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